Yu Yu Hakusho: Launch of live-action series from Netflix

Streaming service Netflix announced on Twitter that the live-action adaptation of the manga series “Yu Yu Hakusho” will launch on-demand in December 2023.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Anime available on Netflix

The live-action adaptation, which will be released simultaneously worldwide on the VoD platform, will be directed by Akira Morii (“Wild 7”) and produced by Studio Robot. Kazutaka Sakamoto, who is responsible for program acquisitions at Netflix, serves as executive producer.

Netflix and Japan’s TOHO signed a multi-year deal to rent two TOHO stages in Tokyo, which begins April 1, 2022. The live-action adaptation of “Yu Yu Hakusho” is expected to become the first Netflix production to film there.

The manga “Yu Yu Hakusho” by Yoshihiro Togashi was published in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from November 1990 to July 1994. The series is complete with 19 volumes and received a 112-part anime adaptation between October 1992 to January 1995, which is available on Netflix.

HD Remaster Trailer for the Anime Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho Plot

Bad Boy Yusuke Urameshi is killed while trying to save a boy. However, he gets a second chance and has to prove himself as a “ghost detective”.

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