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Will There Be The Asterisk War Season 3?

The Asterisk War was an animated series directed by Kenji Seto and originally released in 2015. Set at a time when the earth is facing an economic crisis, there is an ocean of history. Inertia, the event that destroys most of the world, gives birth to people called Genestella, humans with superpowers. The manga series of The Asterisk War was written by Yū Miyazaki and illustrated by Ningen. The light novel, on the other hand, was illustrated by Okiura.

The light novel and manga series were released in 2012 and 13 respectively, and have a lot of fans. As the light novel became very popular, a manga series was published under the same name, which was later adapted into an animated series. The second season of the series was released in 2016, and since then, people have been eagerly awaiting the release date of The Asterisk War Season 3.

Although there have been a few years since the release of the second season, for now, no information is available about the third season of the series. Fans will have to wait for any official information about the third season of the series.

Will there be The Asterisk War Season 3?

The Asterisk War

Will there be a season 3 of Asterisk War? For now, there is no information available on whether or not there will be a third season of the series. There’s no reason for anime fans to lose hope as there’s a lot of material to renew.

Fans will have to be a little patient for any news about the third season of the series. The light novel series is still being published and so we can expect the animated series to be renewed for a third season.

The Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date on Netflix?

Since there is no information from Studio A-1 Pictures (86 Season 2) on whether or not to renew the series for a third season, we can’t give you the release date of the third season on Netflix at this time. A few episodes of the series are available on Netflix depending on your location.

Where to watch The Asterisk War?

You can watch The Asterisk War on various online platforms like Crunchyroll, and the series is also available on Netflix depending on your location.

The Asterisk War Storyline

In the previous century, an unprecedented disaster known as the Invertia drastically reformed the world. The powers of existing nations declined significantly, paving the way for a conglomerate called the Integrated Empire Foundation to assume control. But more importantly, the Invertia led to the emergence of a new species of humans who are born with phenomenal physical capabilities—the Genestella. Its elite are hand-picked across the globe to attend the top six schools, and they duel amongst themselves in entertainment battles called Festas.

Ayato Amagiri is a scholarship transfer student at the prestigious Seidoukan Academy, which has recently been suffering from declining performances. Through a series of events, he accidentally sees the popular Witch of Resplendent Flames, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, half-dressed! Enraged, Julis challenges him to a duel for intruding on her privacy. After said duel is voided by the student council president, Ayato reveals that he has no interest in Festas. Instead, he has enrolled in the academy to investigate the whereabouts of his missing elder sister. But when a more devious plot unravels, Ayato sets out to achieve victory, while being surrounded by some of the most talented Genestella on the planet.

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