Ushio From Summertime Render Gets A Nendoroid Figure

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The Japanese company Good Smile Company recently introduced a new Nendoroid figure of Ushio from the anime series Summertime Render. The first pictures can be found at the bottom of the article.

The figure Will Be Released On January 2023

The new figure of Ushio Kofune from the Nendoroid series by Good Smile Company measures about 10 centimeters and comes with various accessories and interchangeable parts. Plastic is used to make them.

The standard release is scheduled for January 2023 at a price of 6,200 yen (about 44 euros). A pre-order will soon be possible at all participating figure dealers. Depending on the provider and country, the sales price may vary slightly as usual.

The mystery series Summertime Render was created by Studio OLM and was broadcast on Japanese television from April to September 2022. The original manga has also been published in English as Summer Time Rendering through MANGA Plus.

Ushio Nendoroid Pictures

Summertime Render Action

Since the death of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro had lived with the Kofune family and their two daughters—Mio and Ushio. Although he then left his home island to continue his education in Tokyo, Shinpei returns after Ushio tragically drowns during the attempted rescue of a little girl. During the funeral, his best friend informs him about bruises found around Ushio’s neck, casting doubt over the cause of her death.

Suspecting a murder has taken place, Shinpei reevaluates recent events, but strange incidents only continue to transpire. Disappearing people and other unexplainable occurrences lead Mio to recall an old folktale referring to entities called “Shadows,” which may not be entirely fantasy. Supposedly, an encounter with one’s Shadow foretells the person’s impending demise.

Facing the dark side of Hitogashima Island, Shinpei stands against his grim fate to fulfill Ushio’s final will—to protect Mio.

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