US Podcaster Refers Anime Works As Satanic

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That anime has a not particularly good reputation in society should be sufficiently known. American columnist and podcaster Matt Walsh probably thought particularly little of the works from Japan and called them “satanic” when asked by a listener.

Anime Is Satanic

A podcast listener wanted to know from Matt Walsh what his opinion was on the subject of “anime”. He replied that anime was “satanic,” but had no argument for his statement. He knows that anime is very popular among young people, but for him, all anime is weird and scary. Therefore, in his opinion, adults should not watch “cartoons” either.

After his comments quickly went viral on social media, he also commented on the issue again on Twitter: “I’m getting a lot of criticism for saying that anime is satanic. In this regard, I would like to clarify once again that anime does indeed lead to demonic possession in 87% of viewers. Studies have proven this to be the case.”

Of course, this is all nonsense and there are no studies on this either. Matt Walsh is sufficiently known as a troll by several media outlets, and he also refers to himself as a “Theocratic Fascist” in his Twitter bio. Accordingly, he has often been ticked off by his statements.

Satanic Anime Images 1

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