Two Anime New Additions Now On Amazon Prime Video

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The streaming service Amazon Prime Video has increased its lineup: As of now, two more anime titles are available on demand. We summarize the details.

Two Anime Available Now On Amazon Prime Video

The new additions, which can now be streamed on Amazon at no extra cost with a Prime subscription, are the twelve-part comedy series “Chidori RSC – Rifle Is Beautiful” and the 25-part romcom series “Toradora!”.

Below we summarize all information about the two new anime titles. One click will take you directly to further details.

Amazon Prime Video Anime Updates

Chidori RSC – Rifle Is Beautiful

The twelve-part anime series “Chidori RSC – Rifle Is Beautiful” is now available with multiple subtitles and dubs on Amazon Prime Video.

Chidori RSC Rifle is Beautiful


Kokura Hikari is in her first year of high school and loves to shoot guns. She chose Chidori High School because it has a shooting club, but then quickly found out that the club has already been closed. Together with three other first-graders, she is now starting a new shooting club.


The rom-com series “Toradora!” is now available with multiple subtitles and dubs at no extra cost on Amazon Prime Video.

Toradora Visual


Ryuuji is a lovable guy – if it weren’t for his homicidal gangster look. At school, he is therefore considered a nasty thug. Only his classmate Taiga is not impressed by the rumors. When the two discover that they are in love with each other’s best friend, they enter into an alliance of convenience and make crazy matchmaking plans.

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