Tsurezure Children Season 2: Everything You Should Know

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Tsurezure Children attracted great popularity with the first broadcast in 2017, so fans always questioned if there would be a Tsurezure Children Season 2 when the first season’s end on.
For those of you who have yet to discover Tsurezure Children, this is an animated romantic comedy series made by Studio Gokumi from Japan. Tsurezure Children is an adaptation of Toshiya Wakabayashi’s four-panel manga titled Tsurezure Children.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: When Will It Release?

Tsurezure Children Season 2: When Will It Release?

The four-year wait by fans for Tsurezure Children season 2 seems to be given extra time. The fact that this series leaves a sort of cliffhanger at the end makes fans wonder that there will be Tsurezure Season 2.
Although fans have waited too long for this title, the animation studio should have stored enough material to work on Tsurezure Children Season 2.

As the first season of this anime only contains up to the fifth volume of the manga story, while the Tsurezure Children’s manga story has reached 12 volumes. In other words, the production studio has gathered enough material to immediately start production on season 2 of this anime.

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Release Date

Tsurezure Children Season 2: Release Date

Judging from the possibility of Tsurezure Season 2, we’d be happy to say that it could happen. But we all know that to produce a series of stories into animation takes a long time. The material that will be used for the story in this title is actually enough to be animated immediately, but the final decision rests with the production studio or original story creator.

Aside from these factors, Tsurezure Season 2 was likely made possible due to the high popularity of both the manga and anime series. Critics and fans who haven’t read the manga have praised the anime, receiving a rating of 4.6 on Crunchyroll.
In this regard, completing the second season of this anime will have benefits for both the studio and the manga creator.

The anime series gained a lot of popularity the moment they debuted. Critics and fans alike responded positively to it. Although all that has been said, there has been no announcement from the creators regarding the second season. Its fanbase is still trying to convince the producers to make Tsurezure Children Season 2 available. A petition in support of the sequel has been signed by thousands of people. But neither the production company nor the makers are revealing anything about it. However, the series has never been canceled or renewed. As a result, it still has a chance to continue.

Tsurezure Children: Characters and Cast

Takase HaruhikoKumagai Kentarou
Kanda SakiMiyake Haruka
Akagi MasafumiOno Kensho
Kaji RyoukoSakura Ayane
Sugawara TakurouIshikawa Kaito
Takano ChizuruMinase Inori
Gouda TakeruMaeno Tomoaki
Kamine AyakaOgura Yui (Platinum End)

Tsurezure Children Official Trailer

Where to watch Tsurezure Children:

Tsurezure Children Storyline

Tsurezure Children Storyline

This anime series tells the relationship of several couples who are in high school and takes a further look at how they share love in the relationship that is built. Every couple in this series experiences ups and downs that are experienced properly in a courtship. They experience romantic times, disputes, to how they solve problems in their respective relationships.
In addition to seeing, the audience is also given the experience to explore further how each character development undergoes a commitment together with their partner. For example, such as adjusting differences and making harmony in a relationship so that the commitment that was started can be maintained properly.

Watching this anime series brings back memories of the first love you were growing during high school!

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