Trigun Stampede: The Anime Remake Now Has A Start Date

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Trigun Stampede will launch on the streaming service Crunchyroll in early 2023. A new trailer gives a deeper insight into the anime remake.

Last summer, Studio Orange announced a remake of the anime classic Trigun. Meanwhile, we even know the approximate start date. According to this, Trigun Stampede will be broadcast on Japanese TV from January 2023. The streaming provider Crunchyroll has snatched up the local release rights.

Trigun Stampede: Trigun In A More 3D Look

Trigun Stampede 1

Visually, Trigun Stampede clearly stands out from its predecessor. Not only has the design of the protagonist been adapted, but the entire style has also changed. This time, the creators rely on modern 3DCG animations instead of traditional hand drawings. The latest trailer on YouTube demonstrates how the whole thing looks:

Studio Orange, known for its computer animations and especially the Netflix anime Beastars, is behind the project. Kenji Mutou (Cavity Express) is directing, while Shin Okashima (Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san) is writing the script. The template is the original manga series by Yasuhiro Nightow from the 1990s.

Trigun Stampede Trailer


It centers on the gunslinger Vash the Stampede, who is wanted by the wanted poster and has a bounty of 60 million double dollars for spreading fear and terror. Insurance agents Milly and Meryl are after him to prevent greater harm. When they meet him, he turns out to be a clumsy humanitarian who won’t hurt a fly – but he is haunted by the shadows of his dark past.

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