TONIKAWA Second OVA will be released in summer + trailer

On the official website of the anime adaptation of “TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You” (jap.: “Tonikaku Kawaii”) it was announced today that the second OVA episode will be released in summer 2022. You can find a first trailer as well as a visual for the announcement further down in this article.

TONIKAWA Bonus episode at Crunchyroll

Like the first season, the new special episode will be directed by Hiroshi Ikehata (“Akiba’s Trip The Animation”) and produced at Studio Seven Arcs. Kazuho Hyoudou is again writing the script, while Masakatsu Sasaki is doing the character design. Endou is again composing the music.

Streaming provider Crunchyroll will make the new bonus episode available on-demand in its original audio with English subtitles shortly after the Japanese premiere. A start date for the already announced second season is still pending at this time.

The twelve-part first season ran between October and December 2020 in the OmU version in the simulcast. In the meantime, this is also available with English dubbing. The first OVA “TONIKAWA ~SNS~” was released worldwide on Crunchyroll on August 18, 2021.

TONIKAWA Second OVA: Visual

Tonikawa OVA visual

TONIKAWA Second OVA: Trailer

ONIKAWA: Storyline

Nasa Yuzaki falls in love at first sight when he meets the mysterious Tsukasa. When he confesses his love to her, she only replies, “I’ll go out with you, but only if you marry me”. Thus, the life of the newly married couple finds its beginning.

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