Toei Animation partners with CJ ENM

The Japanese company Toei Animation announced that on October 8, 2021, it has entered into a cooperation with CJ ENM from South Korea, one of the largest entertainment companies in Asia. We summarize the most important information.

Toei Animation New Productions from 2023

The goal of the “strategic business alliance” is to produce live-action and animated films for the global market, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. The first joint titles are to be published from 2023. However, exact details are not yet known.

While Toei Animation will produce anime works based on CJ ENM titles, in contrast, live-action projects by CJ ENM will be implemented based on anime from Toei Animation. Completely new works as well as adaptations of earlier hits are planned.

The collaboration also opens the doors for newly produced works by JK Films, a sister company of CJ ENM, and for a collaboration with the US company Skydance, which is currently producing live-action adaptations of “Sword Art Online” and “Steins; Gate”.

CJ ENM financed and distributed the Oscar-winning thriller Parasite (original: “Gisaengchung”) from 2019 as well as the Netflix series Crash Landing on You (original: “Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak). Founded in 1948 as Nihon Doga, Studio Toei Animation is responsible for the production of some of the most famous anime, including Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and One Piece.

Announcement Visual

Announcement Visual

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