To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

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To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 is certainly one of the most anticipated dark fantasy anime series. Its debut season ended on a pretty interesting note and left the viewers crying out for more. The manga readers already know that its second season is going to be even more interesting. As a result, they are curiously waiting for it to hit the screens. So, when will the anime return? 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts, also known as Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi E, is a Japanese dark fantasy action anime series. It is the remake of Maybe’s manga series of the same name with 12 volumes. MAPPA animation studio animated the first season of this show directed by Jun Shishido. The viewers saw its inaugural episode in July 2019. Whereas, it had a great run of 12 episodes before ending on September 16 of the same year. Now is there ever be To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2?

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 1: Recap Story

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2

100 years after settlers on the continent of Patria established a democratic nation, the discovery of an energy source called Somnium ore sparked a conflict. The nation of Patria split between the industrial Northern Union and the mining towns of the Southern Confederation and began fighting a civil war. While the South had greater numbers, the North had a secret weapon: The Incarnates, soldiers who could transform into giant mythical beasts and single-handedly destroy enemy emplacements. 

However, when the war ended and a peace treaty was negotiated, the Incarnates were supposed to be destroyed. Instead, an officer named Cain betrayed his superiors and fled with the surviving Incarnates across the continent. Two years later, an Incarnate named Hank has made it his mission to hunt down the surviving Incarnates, assisted by a young woman named Char who blames him for killing her father.

With that recap, the debut installment of the series adapted the manga in a pretty straightforward. However, there were some minor changes as the original source material was a little heavy on the dialogues. The anime made some changes to the story to adjust the action sequences in between. Throughout its run of the twelve episodes, the series adopted a total of 29 chapters. It found its stopping point at the 6th chapter of the manga series. Therefore, MAPPA has enough source material now to create To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2. 

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2: Renewal Status

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2

The first season of this anime series was well received by the viewers, but it failed to impress the critics. The experts were quick to find out several flaws in it. As a result, it got a mixed response from them. Also, the entire fandom of this series knows that the show has great potential. Hence, its second season is probably going to be a treat. Therefore, they’re continuously demanding to see its sequel. The series just launched two years ago, so there are pretty positive for the second season.

So, the huge demand for more episodes might force the makers to renew To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2. The great thing is that they have enough source material for it as well. But it is likely that the renewal will face a delay due to the busy schedule of MAPPA. The animation studio is currently busy with one of the most-hyped shows and will likely not pick any other series before renewing it.

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2: Release Date

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2

As we mentioned above, fans will be facing a hiatus to see the sequel of the anime. The production studio might renew this show earlier next year. If this happens, then fans can expect To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Season 2 to premiere in the second half of 2024. Now we need to wait for the official announcement and wait patiently for the upcoming possibilities

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