Anime Like Baki: Three Similar Martial Arts Series on Netflix

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When the second season of the anime series Baki Hanma will start on Netflix is not yet certain. You can pass the time with these alternatives of martial arts series.

Martial artist Baki has only one goal: He wants to defeat his father Yujiro Hanma. It’s just a shame that he is considered the “strongest creature in the world”. The young fighter has a long training ahead of him. We can follow his latest adventures in the Netflix spin-off Baki Hanma. Unfortunately, the second season doesn’t have a fixed start date yet, but the streaming service offers you some alternatives.

Kengan Ashura

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An anime like Baki that martial arts fans should have seen is Kengan Ashura. The series is about a modern gladiator who defeats every opponent mercilessly. Thus, he attracts the attention of a large company that hires him to fight for them. Despite the intensive use of computer animation, Kengan Ashura is well-received by Netflix. In 2023, the anime is scheduled to be renewed with a second season.

Tekken: Bloodline

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The Tekken video game series has a cult following. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before streaming provider Netflix announced its anime adaptation “Bloodline”. The six episodes have been available in the catalog since August of this year. Spectacular fights, exciting characters, and a dramatic story await you. The latter makes use of Tekken 3 and follows young Jin Kazuma on his bloody path to revenge.

Record of Ragnarok

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In Record of Ragnarok, all the gods of Earth decide at a meeting to wipe out humanity, as their actions are no longer acceptable. However, the Valkyrie Brunhilde proposes a deal to the gods: Chosen ones from all eras of history are to face them and prove their worth in a duel. The anime convinces above all with raw violence and creative fights, which will be continued next year in the second season.

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