TenSura Anime Movie New Trailer Introduces Theme song

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A new trailer for the upcoming film of the anime series “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” (TenSura), which introduces the theme song, was released today on the official Twitter account of Japanese music label Lantis. You can watch the video below.

TenSura Anime Film to be Released in 2023

The film, titled “My Rebirth as Slime in Another World – The Movie – Fire Red Gang,” will open in Japanese theaters on November 25, 2022. International release by Crunchyroll will bring the big screen spin-off in November 2022.

The new trailer introduces the theme song titled “Make Me Feel Better” by Thai singer MindaRyn, who is already known for opening the second part of the second season of “My Rebirth as Slime in Another World.”

The evening filler is being created at Studio 8-bit, as is the accompanying series, which so far has two seasons. The streaming service Crunchyroll offers all episodes with English and Japanese dubbing on demand.

TenSura Film Trailer

TenSura Movie Storyline

After a 37-year-old man is killed, he found himself in another world as a slime with unique abilities. With his new name, Rimuru Tempest, which he got after meeting his newfound friend, the storm dragon Verudora, he begins his new life in another world and with an increasing number of minions.

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