Strike The Blood Season 5 Release Date Confirmed 2021

Warner Bros. Japan announced that the anime adaptation of “Strike the Blood” will receive a fifth season (Strike The Blood Season 5), which like the three previous seasons, will be released again as an OVA series. A teaser showing the events so far can be found further down in the article.

Strike The Blood Season 5 Release Date

Strike The Blood Season 5

The new season is titled “Strike The Blood FINAL” and is intended to complete the anime implementation of the original light novel by Gakuto Mikumo, which has ended with 22 volumes. Studio CONNECT will once again be responsible for the production, with Hideyo Yamamoto (“Code:Realize”) once again directing the film. Hiroyuki Yoshino is responsible for the series composition.

Further details about the sequel, such as the scope of the fifth season or release date of the Blu-ray in Japan, are still pending at this time. However, it has already been confirmed that the well-known voice actors will slip back into their roles.

“Strike the Blood IV”, the fourth season of the Ecchi action series will be released on six DVD and Blu-ray volumes in Japan since April 8, 2020. The final volume, which includes the last two of the twelve episodes, goes on sale today.

The first three seasons were released between October 2013 and September 2019 in Japan. Of these, only the first season was broadcast on television.

Strike The Blood Season 5 Teaser

Strike The Blood Action

Kojou Akatsuki was once a normal high school student – but that was, before he became the fourth ancestor of the vampires, the most powerful vampire of all time. worse… he can’t even remember how it happened.

Middle school student Yukina Himeragi is the attack magician sent to watch him — and to stop him when he gets out of control. But was it really a good idea to send a cute girl to watch a powerful vampire boy whose abilities activate as soon as he gets excited?

And this on an artificial island populated with all sorts of demonic individuals, each of whom has his own plans with the fourth ancestor.

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