Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth OVA Announced

During the event “Wishful Spring Party” it was revealed that an OVA of Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth is in production, the adaptation for the anime series of the game Stand My Heroes.

OVA Adapts Story Map

OVA will adapt the story of the additional Narumi Seo character that was released in the original game in April 2018. As such, OVA will feature the heroes of the Seo Research Lab who did not appear in the anime series that debuted on October 7, 2019.

The animation is from the MSC studio, directed by Hideyo Yamamoto (Strike the Blood, The Prince of Tennis II OVA vs. Genius 10, Code: Realize -Guardian of Rebirth-), the story is by Sayaka Harada (STARMYU, Code: Realize -Guardian of Rebirth-) and the character design is by Yuki Takayama (direction of episodes of Code: Realize -Guardian of Rebirth-).

This game for the female audience takes place in Tokyo at Matori, the Ministry of Health’s narcotics control unit. The protagonist, who has the unique characteristic that the drugs have no effect on her, ends up working at the unit. She seeks staff from researchers, idols, writers, high school students, designers, butlers, clandestine doctors and others to form teams of ikemen heroes for different missions.

Stand My Heroes Teaser

Stand My Heroes Action

As the new agent of STAND, Rei Izumi is looking for the most qualified investigators to form dedicated hero teams. Their task is to protect the citizens of Tokyo from the dangerous drugs that are now flooding the streets.

Hall of Heroes Comic Con 2022 cospl...
Hall of Heroes Comic Con 2022 cosplay

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