Skip and Loafer Anime Adaptation Announced

On the cover of the January 2022 issue of Monthly Afternoon magazine, it was announced that the slice-of-life manga “Skip and Loafer” (jap.: “Skip to Loafer”) will receive an anime adaptation.

Skip and Loafer: Further details are still pending

So far, all that is known is that the anime adaptation will be a series that will air on Japanese television. Further details, such as the participants, a start date or the length of the anime, are still pending at the moment.

The manga of the same name was penned by Misaki Takamatsu and has been published in Monthly Afternoon magazine since August 2018. The publisher Kodansha compiled the previous chapters into six volumes. The series has not yet been licensed in this country.

U.S. publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has been publishing “Skip and Loafer” with English translation since August 2021. The second volume is scheduled for November 23, 2021.

Skip and Loafer: First Manga Volume

Skip and Loafer: First Manga Volume

Skip and Loafer Storyline

Mitsumi is attending high school in Tokyo! Although she’s smart as hell, the girl from the small town finds that she doesn’t seem to be prepared for the social norms of the students from the big city.

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