Shoot! Anime Announced + Visual

Japanese animation studio EMT Squared announced that the soccer manga “Shoot!” will get a new anime series with an original story. You can see a first visual below.

Shoot! Anime Release Date

The new anime is titled “Shoot! Goal to the Future” and is scheduled to air on Japanese television later next year. Studio EMT Squared (“Assassins Pride,” “Kuma Kuma Bear”) is responsible for production. Further details are still pending.

The sports manga “Shoot!” was penned by Tsukasa Ooshima and appeared in Kodansha’s “Weekly Shounen Magazine” between August 1990 and September 1996. The series comprises a total of 33 volumes.

A 58-part anime adaptation, which was directed by Daisuke Nishio (“Dr. Slump”) at Studio Toei Animation, was broadcast in Japan from November 1993 to December 1994 and continued with the anime film “Blue Legend Shoot!” in December 1994.

Shoot! Anime Visual

Shoot! Anime Visual

Shoot! Anime Storyline

Atsushi Kamiya is a former captain of Kakegawa High School and the world-famous “brave captain” of a famous Italian soccer team. Hideto Tsuji is a student at Kakegawa High School who seems to have no interest in the now weakened soccer team. Their encounter is the beginning of a new legend!

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