Shine Post gets an Anime Adaptation + Teaser

Japanese companies Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge announced that they are launching a multimedia project based on the light novel “Shine Post” by Rakuda, including an anime adaptation that will air in the summer of 2022.

Anime Like Throne of Seal
Anime Like Throne of Seal

Shine Post Anime to be Created at Studio KAI

The anime adaptation is being directed by Kei Oikawa (“Outbreak Company”) at Studio KAI. Rakuda is co-writing the script with Tatsuto Higuchi (“D.Gray-man Hallow”), while Yoshihiro Nagata (“100 Sleeping Princes”) is responsible for character design.

Youhei Kisara (“Puraore! Pride of Orange”) is responsible for the background music. We have listed the Japanese voice cast known so far in the article below as a table for you.

The first volume of Rakuda’s light novel was released in Japan on October 8, 2021. In addition to the anime adaptation, the multimedia project includes a variety of other media such as video games and live performances. A manga adaptation is scheduled to appear in Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

Shine Post Anime Teaser

Shine Post Anime Music Video

Shine Post Anime Characters and Cast

Haru NabatameSayumi Suzushiro (Uruka Takemoto, We Never Learn)
Kyoka TamakiMoeko Kanisawa (No anime roles known)
Rio SeibuYuuko Natsuyoshi (Himeko Mashima, Show By Rock!! Stars!!)
Yukine GionjiRimo Hasegawa (Mazinger Z: Infinity, nurse)
Momiji ItouRika Nakagawa (Fennec, Africa Salaryman)

Shine Post Anime Visual

Shine Post Anime Visual

Shine Post Anime Plot

“We want people all over the world to love Idols! A beacon for everyone … that’s what we are – we are Shine Post!” Kyoka Tamaki, Haru Nabatame and Rio Seibu from the idol group “TiNgS” have big dreams, but only small successes.

In their opinion, only the best manager in the world can help them in this situation. This is the story of the girls who shine on their way to becoming absolute idols.

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