Shin Ikki Tousen Anime Release Date + Teaser

On the Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “Shin Ikki Tousen” it was announced that the series will start in 2022 on Japanese TV. You can check out a first teaser along with a new visual below in this article.

Shin Ikki Tousen Anime Release Date

The video introduces the character Asaemon Yamada, who is voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki (Mei Irizaki in High School Fleet, Arisa Uotani in Fruits Basket). The other Japanese voice actors can be found below the teaser in a table at a glance.

It was announced that the series will start in spring 2022 on Japanese TV.

“Shin Ikki Tousen” is based on the manga of the same name by Yuji Shiozaki, which has been published in “Young King OURs” magazine since November 2015 and is a sequel to the manga series “Ikki Tousen”. So far, four volumes have appeared in Japanese stores.

J.C.Staff adapted the original manga into a 13-episode television anime in Summer 2003. Arms produced the second and third seasons in Winter 2007 and Summer 2008.

TNK co-produced the fourth season with Arms in Spring 2010. Kadokawa released three OVAs through its Media Factory label between November 2011 and December 2014.

The latest anime installment in the franchise, Ikkitousen: Western Wolves, ran for three episodes in January and February 2019.

Shin Ikki Tousen Anime Trailer

Shin Ikki Tousen Characters and Cast

Anime Like Sweet Bite Marks
Anime Like Sweet Bite Marks
Chuubou SonkenAyaka Ohashi (Saaya Yamabuki, BanG Dream!)
Asaemon YamadaAtsumi Tanezaki (Mei Irizaki, High School Fleet)
Hakufu SonsakuMasumi Asano (Hakufu Sonsaku, Ikki Tousen)
Shimei RyomouYuko Kaida (Shimei Ryomou, Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny)
Unchou Kan’uHitomi Nabatame (Unchou Kan’u, Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny)
Shiryuu ChouunYuu Asakawa (Shiryuu Chouun, Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny)

Shin Ikki Tousen Visual

Shin Ikki Tousen Visual

Shin Ikki Tousen: Plot of the main series

For generations, a bloody war has raged between seven high schools in the Tokyo area. The students are reincarnations of legendary heroes who once fought for authority in the region. One day, the dumb but better-built Sonsaku Hakufu arrives as a new student at Nan’yo Private School. Already on the first day she defeats several fighters. Should this sex bomb, whose dress constantly tears and who even forgets her own name, really be the chosen one…?

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