Shikizakura Anime Release Date and Teaser

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More information about the launch was announced today via the official Twitter channel of the upcoming sci-fi drama Shikizakura. In addition, a new teaser has been released.

Shikizakura Anime launches in October 2021

The anime series, which is directed by Gou Kurosaki and Shinya Sugai (Dragon’s Dogma) in the studio Sublimation (Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop), will therefore be broadcast on Japanese television from October 9, 2021.

The new teaser also introduces the speaker Jiro Sato (Flanagan in “Mary and the Flower of the Witches”), who will take on a guest role in Shikizakura. Other roles include Yuudai Noda as Kakeru Miwa, Miho Mashiro as Ouka Myoujin and Daisuke Nakamoto as Kippei Nagatsu.

The opening song will be contributed by the Japanese singer Asaka, who was previously responsible for the first opening of “Laid-Back Camp”. The ending song is by May Nakabayashi, who is known for the first opening song of “Accel World”.

Shikizakura Trailer

Shikizakura Storyline

Shikizakura: The land where cherry blossoms bloom along with autumn foliage. In this very special place, where the world of the living meets the world of spirits, a ritual is to take place to save the whole of humanity.

The student Kakeru Miwa suddenly gets into a fight between a power suit and an oni. The Power Suits, also known as Yoroi, combine ancient secrets with modern technology and serve solely to fight the evil Oni. The Oni take possession of the people in order to bind themselves to the real world and not be wiped out.

Kakeru decides to become a hero with the help of the Yoroi, fight the Oni and protect Ouka Myoujin. Because Ouka’s fate is linked to the salvation of the earth.

It is the season of the Shikizakura cherry tree. Amidst the autumn foliage and cherry blossoms, Ouka dances. Will she be able to save the world with Kakeru?

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