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She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man New Trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming series was released on the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man” (jap.: “Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja”), which you can watch below in this article.

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Release Date

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man” is being directed by Keitarou Motonaga (“Date A Live”) at Studio A-CAT. Series composition is handled by Takamitsu Kouno (“Absolute Duo“), while Kumi Horii (“LBX Girls”) is responsible for character design.

The opening song introduced in the new trailer is titled “Ready Set Go!!!” and is sung by Asaka. The ending theme, “Ambitious,” is by the idol group Erabareshi. We have listed the voice cast known so far for you in a table at the bottom of the article.

The series, which will start in January 2022 on Japanese television and on Crunchyroll in the simulcast, adapts the light novel of the same name by Hirotsugu Ryuusen and Choko Fuji, which has been published in Japan since June 2014 and comprises 15 volumes so far.

Kendeshi Trailer

Kendeshi Characters and Cast

MiraNichika Omori (Rein Kashiwagi, Darwin’s Game)
SolomonAyumu Murase (Akira Shiroyanagi, Battle Game in 5 Seconds)
LuminariaMinami Hinata (Bojji, Ranking of Kings)
ZephJunichi Saito (Rakugo Club Member C, My First Girlfriend is a Gal)
AsbalHiroki Yasumoto (Elfman Strauss, Fairy Tail)
FrickaYae Sakura (Ren Kogarashi, Tiny² Band Story)
EmeraYuko Natsuyoshi (Himeko Mashima, Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!)
TakutoKanomi Izawa (Rui Onda, Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko)

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Visual

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Visual

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Plot

Sakimori Kagami, a young man, has spent four years perfecting his avatar in the online VR MMORPG “Arch Earth Online.”

Under the name Dunbalf, he is known throughout the land of this virtual world. But one night before bed, Kagami uses an in-game vanity case that is about to expire – and creates his ideal version of a female Dunbalf avatar for fun.

When he wakes up, he’s surprised to find that he’s in the body of the avatar he created the night before, and now has to work his way up from the bottom! So he’s a young guy playing an old guy who is now playing a young girl – who is still the old guy.

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