Scarlet Nexus Anime Listed with Two Cours

Through entries at the US publisher Funimation, it was recently announced that the anime adaptation of the video game Scarlet Nexus consists of a total of 26 episodes and will therefore be continued in October 2021. However, an official confirmation is still pending.

Scarlet Nexus Anime available at Crunchyroll

Scarlet Nexus is directed by Hiroyuki Nishimura (Chief Animation Director of “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin”) in the studio SUNRISE (Tiger and Bunny, Code Geass & Accel World). Toshizou Nemoto (Super Cub), Youichi Katou (Aikatsu! Movie) and Akiko Inoue (MAJOR SECOND Season 2) write the screenplay, while Nishimura contributes the character design together with Yuuji Itou.

The streaming provider Crunchyroll shows a new episode of the anime series in Japanese with English subtitles in simulcast every Thursday.

The original video game that serves as the basis for the anime was released on June 25, 2021 for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X|S by Bandai Namco Entertainment. More information about the game can be found on the official website.

Scarlet Nexus Trailer

Scarlet Nexus Storyline

Solar calendar year 2020: Grotesque organisms called “Others” have begun to eat humans. To combat this new enemy, the “Other Suppression Force” is founded. The boy Yuito, who has psychokinetic powers and was rescued as a child by this elite team, survives the training to sign up for the unit.

The child prodigy Kasane, on the other hand, was chosen because of her abilities. But Kasane’s dreams tell her strange things and drag the two into an inevitable fate.

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