The First Trailer For “Saving 80 000 Gold in Another World”

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On the Twitter account of the Isekai series “Saving 80 000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement”, which will be shown on Japanese TV from January 2023, a new teaser was released today, which you can watch further down in this article.

Anime is being created by Felix Film

The series is being created under the direction of director Hiroshi Tamada (assistant director on “Gibiate”) at Studio Felix Film. Akihiko Inari (“Digimon Data Squad”) is handling the series composition, while Yuuki Fukuchi (“Plunderer”) is responsible for character design.

The role of protagonist Mitsuha Yamano will be played by Rika Nagae, known among others as Olivia from the comedy series “Asobi Asobase: Workshop of Fun”. Other voices of the Japanese voice cast have not yet been unveiled.

The anime adapts the light novel of the same name by FUNA, which has been published in Japanese stores since June 2017 with illustrations by Touzai. A manga adaptation penned by Keisuke Motoe has been published on the website “Suiyoubi no Sirius” since June 2017.

Saving 80 000 Gold in Another World Teaser


Mitsuha Yamano falls off a cliff and finds herself in some sort of medieval European fantasy world! There, during a fight with wolves that almost costs her her life, she discovers that she has the ability to switch back and forth between Earth and this new world.

Mitsuha decides to use this ability as often as possible. And why? To save for retirement, of course! She sets a goal to save 80,000 gold coins – and this is the story of her plans to reach that goal!

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