SAO: Progressive: Trailer Shows Appearance of the Game Master

Two days before the Japanese theatrical release of “Sword Art Online Progressive The Movie: Aria of the Starless Night”, Japanese company Aniplex released a new trailer showing the Game Master’s appearance from Asuna’s perspective. You can find the video further down in the article.

SAO: Progressive Film Releases in a Few Days

Sword Art Online Progressive The Movie: Aria of the Starless Night” will launch in Japanese cinemas on October 30, 2021, and is scheduled to hit more than 40 other countries and territories over the next few months. An announcement for Germany and Austria has yet to be made.

The film was made under the direction of director Ayako Kawano (“High School Fleet Movie”) at Studio A-1 Pictures. Yasuyuki Kai (“Sword Art Online”) was involved as action director, while the character design was contributed by Kento Toya (“Sword Art Online: Alicization”).

The theme song, titled “Yuke,” was written by singer LiSA, who also penned the lyrics. Ayase from the J-pop duo YOASOBI was responsible for the composition and Ryo Eguchi for the arrangement.

SAO: Progressive Trailer

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