SAO: Progressive Film’s Two New Teaser Videos Released

On the website of the anime adaptation of “Sword Art Online: Progressive” today released two new teasers for the upcoming film, which you can watch below.

SAO: Progressive Movie to be Released in more than 40 Countries

Sword Art Online Progressive The Movie: Aria of the Starless Night” will launch in Japanese theaters on October 30, 2021, and is scheduled to hit more than 40 other countries and territories over the next few months.

The film was directed by Ayako Kawano (“High School Fleet Movie”) and produced at Studio A-1 Pictures (Ace Attorney, Eromanga Sensei). Kento Toya (“Sword Art Online: Alicization”) created the character design, while Yuki Kajiura (“Demon Slayer“) composed the music. Yasuyuki Kai was involved as action director.

“Sword Art Online: Progressive” is a more detailed retelling of the “Aincrad” arc, which includes some segments that did not appear in the original series, available here on DVD and Blu-ray from peppermint anime.

SAO: Progressive Teaser #1

SAO: Progressive Teaser #2

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