RPG Real Estate Anime Release Date + Teaser

The official website of the anime adaptation of the slice-of-life manga “RPG Real Estate” (jap.: “RPG Fudousan”) recently posted a first teaser introducing the main characters.

RPG Real Estate Anime Release Date

“RPG Real Estate” is being directed by Tomoaki Koshida (“Fantasista Doll”) at Studio Doga Kobo (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. Yoshiko Nakamura (“Ganbare Douki-chan”) is handling series composition, while Motohiro Taniguchi (“My Sweet Tyrant”) is responsible for character design.

The main roles feature Honoka Inoue (Xiaomei in “Edens Zero“) as Kotone Kazairo, Hina Kino (Kaede Kurushima in “Steins;Gate 0”) as Fa, Natsumi Kawaida (Asami in “HigeHiro”) as Rufuria and Manaka Iwami (Tohru in “Fruits Basket“) as Rakira. The Japanese TV launch is scheduled for 2022.

The original manga series “RPG Real Estate” by mangaka Chiyo Kenmotsu has been published in “Manga Time Kirara Carat” magazine since April 2018. The Japanese publisher Houbunsha has so far released three volumes.

RPG Real Estate Teaser

RPG Real Estate Plot

The story takes place 15 years after the demon king has fallen and peace has returned to the world. Kotone, who has finished her school and become a mage, inquires at the RPG Real Estate responsible for her kingdom to find a new home.

The RPG Real Estate is also Kotone’s workplace. There, together with Fa, a half-human, the priestess Rufuria and the soldier Rakira, she looks for a new home for all kinds of clients with different circumstances.

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