Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2: Will It Happen?

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2

It’s been four years since the anime ended, but fans of the romantic genre are not giving up to see the light of Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2. The series is an anime adaptation from the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Rin Kokuyou.

The anime is produced by Signal.MD and directed by Kazuyoshi Yaginuman. The first season aired from October to December 2017, with a total of ten episodes. For one season, ten seems too low, and that’s why many fans are craving more Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

However, is it enough to get Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2? Here is everything that you need to know about it.

Will there be Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2?

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2

It was considered a widely successful anime when it came out in 2017. Unfortunately, we need to inform you of sad news. It won’t probably be released very soon.

One of the main reasons is the source of the anime. Rin Kokuyou began its serialization in 2013 on a webtoon portal, Comico, as one of the first series debuted on the application. After that, Recovery of an MMO Junkie was picked out by Kadokawa in 2015. The publisher then released two compiled manga volumes under the MFC Comico imprint.

It was going downhill from there, though. Due to the author’s poor health, the series has been on hiatus since July 2015. It kept going until 2018, when Comico announced that the series had officially ended its serialization. There is a total of 86 chapters before the hiatus.

It is a pity because the first anime turned to be a huge success. The show gained high viewership and was loved by many fans. Alongside that, the anime adaptation also increased the sales of the manga.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 Release Date

To put more salt on the wound, we can’t say the release date of Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 because there is no official announcement about it. It is not confirmed to be canceled, but the discontinued of the manga could delay the production until further notice.

Well, it is not the end of the road, though. It’s not clear whether the author’s health is getting better or not, but back in December 2019, Kokuyou returned on social media. Before that, the writer also posted a few tweets regarding the cancelation of the manga. In that post, Kokuyou apologized because they could not continue to write Recovery of an MMO Junkie. To this date, Kokuyou has been posting on their social media regularly.

With that in mind, we can hope that the author may pick up the series again. We just need to wait until Signal.MD renews another season. If it happens, Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 might not be just a dream.

Plot of Recovery of an MMO Junkie

The story follows Moriko Morioka, a 30 years old woman who is unemployed after quitting her long-standing job for over 11 years. However, Moriko is not sad because she found her new hobby to pass her free time, playing online games titled Fruit de Mer. In that MMO game, Moriko made her character a handsome male nicknamed Hayashi.

She, acting as Hayashi, then has a fateful meeting with an adorable healer named Lily. Both befriend each other instantly and become inseparable.

Lily, unbeknownst to Moriko, is actually a male named Yuuta Sakurai. He is 28 years old corporate worker and a timid one. Besides their meeting in Fruit de Mer, they are coincidentally bumping at real life when they come to a convenience store at night. Thus begins their romance and awkward story.

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