Overlord Season 4 Release Date: Everything We Know

It’s already been almost two years since the third season of the anime ended. In the meantime, there have been setbacks in the health situation and its repercussions on the animation industry, as well as the various projects of the studio in charge of the franchise. It is normal that viewers expect a sequel, especially since there is material to. In this article, we will see all the information available about Overlord Season 4, namely the release date as well as the first information and rumors.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

For a long time, we were in the dark and we didn’t know if there would be a sequel. But since May 8, 2021, it’s now official: Overlord is back with a season 4! That’s not all, since an animated movie is also in production, which will be released under the name Overlord: Sei Okoku-hen (Holy Kingdom Arc). It should relate events taking place after those of Overlord Season 4. For the moment, this is the only information we have. The good news is that we should learn a lot more here in the next few weeks, and that the sequel of the anime should arrive in a few months at the most.

Overlord Season 4 is under the responsibility of the animation studio Madhouse. No change in quality on the horizon, then, since this was already the case for the first season of 13 episodes aired in 2015, the two recap movies (Overlord-Fushisha no Ou and Overlord-Shikkoku no Senshi) aired in 2017, the second season of 13 episodes in January 2018 and the third season of 13 episodes in July 2018. Those in charge of the anime have indicated that Overlord Season 4 will be available in 2021! Most likely, it will start airing in 2021 and therefore during the winter (November, December for anime).

Overlord Summary

  • Genre: Adventure, Isekai, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Original name:オーバーロードIV
  • Release date: end of 2021
  • Number of episodes: Unknown
  • Broadcaster FR : Unknown
  • Director: Ito Naoyuki
  • Animation studio: Madhouse
  • Official website: http://overlord-anime.com/
  • Official Twitter: @over_lord_anime

Overlord Season 4 Trailer

For the moment, no trailer has been released yet for the season 4 of Overlord. However, two visuals are already available, in an official way. The movie will be based on the light novel and the events of the Holy Kingdom arc. For Overlord Season 4, it will be the direct continuation of the third season, without surprise.

In the meantime, here is the first trailer of season 3.

Overlord Season 4 Visual

Overlord Season 4 – First Visual
Albedo in Overlord Season 4
Albedo in Overlord Season 4

Synopsis of Overlord

The year is 2138. Yggdrasil, the famous and successful MMORPG, is about to close. Momonga, the founder of the guild, is waiting alone for the game to end. However, when the game is supposed to end, Momonga is not disconnected. He remains alone and becomes a captive of the game universe, while the non-playable characters gradually become conscious… A new world whose rules are still unknown is about to appear.

In season four, we’ll meet up with the Guardians of Nazarick’s Tomb. They will try to start their campaign for total world domination after their assault on the city of Re-Estize. Meanwhile, our protagonist Ainz Ooal Gown will face new challenges with the equally powerful neighboring emperors. The next season promises to be rich in emotions, action scenes and turnarounds in all directions. Moreover, as we can see with the official poster, Albedo should play a certain role.

It is important to point out that the next season will clearly highlight the situation of Ainz Ooal Gown. The charismatic protagonist has made the decision to found a kingdom that is benevolent to all races in the universe. This is clearly not to the liking of the other leaders of the other nations who will strongly oppose it. The new nation is likely to suffer the wrath of its neighbors …

Remember that Overlord is, initially, a webroman. It was created by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin as illustrator. The beginnings date back to 2010, published by Kadokawa for Japan and Enterbrain. In total, there are 17 volumes bound in Japan. As for the manga, it was adapted in 2014 under the guidance of Satoshi Oshio for the script, and Hugin Mayama for the pencil stroke. There are 14 volumes that have been released in Japan. Finally, the anime adaptation was broadcast for the first time in July 2015 with a first season of 13 episodes, distributed by Kana.

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