Oshi No Ko Anime Announced: Release Date?

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On June 10, 2022, exactly one day ago, an anime adaptation of the manga series Oshi No Ko was announced. Kadokawa opened an official website for the adaptation, revealing the main staff and also the teaser visual that you can see at the bottom of this article. Many fans have anticipated the manga to be adapted for quite some time, and now it is officially here.

Oshi No Ko Manga Series

Oshi No Ko Anime Images 2

Oshi No Ko began life as a Japanese manga series written by Aka Akasaka with illustrations by Mengo Yokoyari. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since April 23, 2020. As of February 2022, the individual chapters have been collected into seven tankobon volumes. Not only in Japanese but the manga series Oshi No Ko is also being published digitally in English through the MangaPlus service.

Besides Kaguya-sama: Love is war, Akasaka’s manga series Oshi No Ko has also achieved great success in the manga industry. It ranked eleventh and seventh in the 2021 and 2022 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! rankings, respectively. Not only that but Oshi No Ko has also been nominated twice for the Manga Taisho Award both in 2021 and 2022, as well as the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards in the Shounen category last month.

Oshi No Ko Anime Release Date

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After the news has spread across the internet, many fans are thrilled to see their favorite manga series to be animated. Now, the question that remains is: When will Oshi No Ko anime be released? Will it be out anytime soon?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have enough information to know the release date of the Oshi No Ko anime just yet. Kadokawa didn’t include it in the announcement. However, you could expect it to be premiered sometime around early 2023, so make sure you don’t miss it.

After the announcement has been made, many fans were skeptical about none other but the studio, Doga Kobo. They are unsure whether Doga Kobo will do the job just right in animating the successful Oshi No Ko, especially after all of the controversies that revolve around Shikimori. Despite the number of doubts, not a few fans are actually looking forward to what Doga Kobo has to offer. Let us all witness what Doga Kobo is capable of doing.

Here are what Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyaru, the authors of the manga, have to say about the upcoming anime adaptation of Oshi No Ko:

Production Team of Oshi No Ko Anime

DirectorDaisuke Hiramaki (Selection Project)
Assistant DirectorCiao Nekotomi (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara)
Series CompositionJin Tanaka (Yuru Camp)
Character DesignKanna Hirayama (Rent-A-Girlfriend)
StudioDoga Kobo (Plastic Memories)

Oshi No Ko Anime Visual

Oshi No Ko Anime Images 4

Oshi No Ko Action

As previously stated, Oshi No Ko is one of the many manga series that belongs to the drama and supernatural genres, as it revolves around idol/music and reincarnation theme. It follows the story of Ai Hoshino, a sixteen-year-old idol who is heavily adored by her fans for her charm. She is seen as the embodiment of a pure, innocent, young maiden.

Amid the glaring number of her fans, stands Gorou Amemiya, a countryside gynecologist. One day, he unexpectedly encountered his favorite idol, Ai Hoshino, in his hospital. It turns out that she was pregnant, and much to Gorou’s dismay, he has to treat her with good care. Later that day, he also encountered a mysterious figure, but little did he know that the meeting would lead him to ultimate death.

The story took a crazy turn as Gorou Amemiya finds out that he has actually been reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino, one of his favorite idol’s sons. The story follows Gorou as he aims to be like her mother, while at the same time discovering the untold sinister truth behind the world of idols. He soon learns that talent does not always beget success. As people say, all that glitters is not gold.

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