One Punch Man Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

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Hello, Saitama fans! Are you looking forward to seeing your superhero again? Yes, we are! Good news, the creators have dropped a hint of a One Punch Man season 3 renewal on Twitter.

The animated superhero show from the Japanese franchise has been getting tons of positive responses from critics and audiences alike.

If you’re an anime fan, you have to wait to get updates on One Punch Man Season 3. So, we are with a lot of information about the next season of One Punch Man.


All the anime fans loved the concept of the series and they were simply amazed to see a super-powered superhero defeating tons of deadly villains with one punch. While this may seem like a normal story, the franchise added the magical elements of quality animation, suspense, drama and breathtaking action to make it a hit.

One Punch Man has become a favorite of all anime fans. They are curious to know more about season 3 and the future of the series.

One Punch Man anime is based on a Japanese webcomic under the production of ONE. It was originally a manga that was turned into an anime, and due to the active support of fans, the creators are trying to add new pinches of entertainment to the plot.

The popularity of the original manga in Japan was really crazy. More than 10 million copies of the manga were sold, while it also secured its position in an Eisner Award nomination. Loaded with action, emotion, suspense and drama, One Punch Man presents an incredible and super entertaining journey for fans.

As season 2 hits theaters and is getting love from viewers, fans are clamoring for the third installment. So, will there be the third season of One Punch Man? Here’s everything you need to know.

One Punch Man Season 3 Announced + Visual

One Punch Man Season 3

Fans have been hoping for the return of One Punch Man with the third installment for a long time. On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of ONE’s superhero manga “One Punch Man” it was announced that a third season of the series is in the works. Fittingly, a first visual was released, which you can view below in the article.

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One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date – When will the new season drop?

The release date of One Punch Man Season 3 is not announced yet. Although it has been more than four years, some of the main reasons for the delay have come to light recently. The new season was delayed due to the change in the cast and crew of the anime.

And like many other shows, One Punch Man season 3 was also delayed due to the pandemic.

While the franchise is trying to get its hands on something new and change the team, according to reports, many fans have started a petition for the third installment of One-Punch to bring back the old team.

Be sure to stay tuned as we will be coming with the official release date of One Punch Man Season 3 and more updates soon.

One Punch Man Season 3 Visual

One Punch Man Season 3 Visual

One Punch Man Characters, Cast, Staff & Studio

I. Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
SaitamaMakoto Furukawa (Dr. Stone)
GenosKaito Ishikawa (Haikyuu!!)
GarouHikaru Midorikawa (Juuni Taisen)
TatsumakiAoi Yuuki (Aho Girl)
Mumen RiderYuuichi Nakamura (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Saitama: is the main protagonist of the series and the titular One-Punch Man. He is the most powerful being to exist in the series. Saitama faces a self-imposed existential crisis, as he is now too powerful to gain any thrill from battle.

Blast: is the S-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. Without the knowledge of Saitama’s strength, he is largely suggested to be the Hero Association’s most powerful hero. He currently appears to be going to various places in order to collect the Mysterious Cubes, which is a hobby of his. Only a few select Hero Association staff members have the means to communicate with him.

Garou: is a villain, a martial arts prodigy, the self-proclaimed “Hero Hunter,” and a major adversary of the Hero Association and Monster Association. He is a former disciple of Bang but was expelled from his dojo for going on a rampage. Because of his fascination with monsters, he is commonly called the “Human Monster.” Sitch of the Hero Association views him as a grave threat to the organization despite being only a human.

Black Sperm: is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association.

Tatsumaki: also known by her hero alias Tornado of Terror, is the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is recognized as one of the Hero Association’s most powerful heroes. She is an esper and the older sister and self-declared teacher of Fubuki. She and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters.

Fubuki: also known by her hero alias Blizzard of Hell is the B-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is an esper, the younger sister of Tatsumaki, and the leader of the Blizzard Group, a B-Class hero faction. She and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters. Fubuki is one of the few people who are aware of Saitama’s true strength and is currently trying to recruit him into her group. She’s also a self-declared member of the Saitama Group.

Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask: is the A-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association. Apart from his hero profession, he is a famous model, actor, and singer and is the most popular star in the world. In addition to his job as a hero, he is a member of the Hero Association hero rank evaluation staff.

II. Production Team

DirectorChikara Sakurai
ProducerNobuyuki Hosoya
Sound DirectorYoshikazu Iwanami
StoryboardYoshitomo Yonetani
StudioNot Announced!! (J.C.STAFF, MADHOUSE, MAPPA)

Where To Watch One Punch Man

Watch One Punch Man on:

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot – What to expect from the new season?

Although the creators have not yet revealed the official synopsis of One Punch Man Season 3, we have some speculations in our pocket.

We have witnessed how the Monster Association dominated the season 2 chapter. However, the second season hardly focused on the crazy group of enemies. So let’s turn to the official manga for reference for One Punch Man Season 3. The new season will focus mainly on the Heroes Association as they prepare for a deadly attack against their perverted counterparts.

We will see all the major S-Class heroes invade their own hideouts and engage in face-to-face battles. So, in this case, One Punch Man season 3 will be full of action and drama, complemented by sensational dialogue.

One Punch Man Season 3 Trailer – Is there an official trailer or teaser?

As of now, there are no solid updates on One Punch Man Season 3. There are no trailers or teasers of the new chapter. But be sure to stay tuned as we will be sending out fresh news regularly.

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