One Piece: Teaser visual for the 1000th episode revealed

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To celebrate the upcoming 1000th episode of the anime adaptation of One Piece, the Japanese company Toei Animation released a visual via its official Twitter account, which you can watch later in this article.

One Piece: Episode 1,000 in November 2021

In just a few weeks, probably in November 2021, the 1000th episode of the anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga series will be broadcast in Japan. The battle between the straw hats and the beast pirates on Onigashima is getting closer and closer.

Reaching Episode 1,000 has already been celebrated with the first global character ranking and specials such as the “We Are One” video series. In addition, new information about Netflix’s upcoming live-action series has been revealed.

The anime for One Piece is based on the manga series of the same name and has been shown on Japanese television since October 1999. Currently, the series comprises 992 episodes. New episodes can be seen every week on Crunchyroll, in a simulcast.

One Piece Episode 1,000 Visual

One Piece Episode 1,000 Visual

One Piece Storyline

The legendary pirate treasure “One Piece” is the object of desire for all sailors. Also for Monkey D. Luffy, who has been fascinated by the hustle and bustle of sailors since early childhood. However, any attempts to hire on one of the ships fail miserably. When one day he eats a so-called gum-gum fruit, his life changes abruptly: Suddenly he can no longer swim, but his limbs knot and stretch as if they were made of rubber.

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