Official One Piece gym opens in Tokyo

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With the upcoming 25th anniversary of “One Piece”, news of upcoming events and announcements about the franchise have been pouring in lately. Now we can report on the first gym inspired by “One Piece”. You can find the first pictures below.

Train like Zorro

On July 22, 2022, the “One Piece” franchise will celebrate its 25th anniversary and this milestone will be celebrated accordingly extensively throughout the year with several events and highlights.

In addition to the annual “One Piece Premier Show,” which will take place over a total of four months this year at Universal Studios Japan complete with a “Mini Merry II”-inspired roller coaster and “Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant” and culminate in the premiere of the “One Piece Red” movie, the opening of the first official “One Piece” gym has now also been announced.

The studio, called “One Piece Fitness BragMen,” is scheduled to open in Shibuya, Tokyo, in early 2023. The getup is based on a story from the 13th volume of the manga series. In addition, fitness instructors will wear a navy uniform and a special points system will be set up to provide the necessary motivation. A kind of pirate school will be offered for children.

One Piece Gym

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