“No Game No Life” Fans Speculate About Second Season

Due to numerous sequel announcements to various anime, the “No Game No Life” subreddit once again saw heated discussions as the series is still waiting for a sequel.

No Game No Life Season 2: For fans incomprehensible

The “No Game No Life” franchise is extremely popular and financially rewarding. The various media are constantly sold and new merchandise is also continuously released. For the fans, it is therefore all the more incomprehensible that there is still no second season. One can only speculate about the reasons, but the most likely one is probably the release schedule of the light novel.

When the anime premiered, six novel volumes already existed. And while the anime adapted the first three volumes, the final scene of the anime is from a later volume. This controversial decision by the producers to confuse the chronology suggested that they were intentionally “blocking” another adaptation.

However, this was put into perspective a few years later when the film “No Game No Life Zero” was released, adapting the sixth light novel. Nonetheless, the schedule is lagging behind, as author Yuu Kamiya is dealing with health problems that seem to be steadily worsening. New volumes of the light novel are getting further and further behind.

We’ve summarized some of the comments from the subreddit for you below:

“Give up hope, ‘No Game No Life’ fans!”
“Why doesn’t the studio just move on? I haven’t read the light novel, is it maybe because the story is getting worse?”
“I’ve read up to the tenth volume and highly recommend the light novel. The story after the anime is much better too.”
“I just can’t understand why ‘No Game No Life’ doesn’t get a second season. It’s so popular and so many people are waiting for a sequel.”
“Even bad anime get a second season. What’s wrong with studios?”
“Every time a sequel is announced for an anime, ‘No Game No Life’ fans ask the same question.”
“It’s just absurd. I can understand why ‘The Detective Is Already Dead’ got a second season. The anime is bad, but the light novel is popular worldwide.”
“Japan doesn’t care how popular a work is worldwide. Only if it’s popular in Japan do they spring for a second season.”

The twelve-part anime series, as well as the prequel film “No Game No Life Zero,” can be streamed in this country on Amazon Prime Video. The anime adapts the light novel of the same name by Yuu Kamiya, which so far comprises eleven volumes.

No Game No Life: Visual to the film

No Game No Life: Visual to the film

No Game No Life Storyline

Sora and Shiro are siblings and excellent gamers. Their talent and skills are second to none, and as a team they are unbeatable. However, they want to have as little to do with the real world as possible. One day they are challenged to an online chess game.

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