New original anime “Ancient G’s Frame” announced

The Chinese streaming service bilibili recently announced that it is currently working on a new original anime entitled Ancient G’s Frame, which will be launched on Japanese television in a few days.

Ancient G’s Frame Release Date

The new science fiction series tells an original story written by Osamu Yamazaki, who also takes over the series composition. The studio Seven Stone Entertainment is responsible for the production. Shun Narita and ISAO contribute the music.

The opening theme Ten (Heaven) is sung by Kuhaku Gokko, while MARiA contributes the ending song Galactic Wind. You can get an overview of the Japanese voice actors later in this article. The Chinese streaming service bilibili acts as a producer.

The anime, which will consist of a total of 24 episodes, will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from October 12, 2021. A simulcast outside japan and China has not yet been confirmed.

Ancient G’s Frame Teaser

Ancient G’s Frame Characters and Cast

Reika MinamiyaRie Takahashi (Emilia, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-)
Luna Mariano Perez RupianoAya Suzaki (Shouko Hida, Happy Sugar Life)
Jotis PearlKaori Ishihara (Shouta Magatsuchi, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)
Alhena HakimHiromi Igarashi (Yuri Alpha, Overlord)
EyreArisa Nakada (Nito, Interspecies Reviewers)
Reiu MinamiyaAyana Taketatsu (Kotori Itsuka, Date A Live)

Ancient G’s Frame Visual

Ancient G's Frame Visual

Ancient G’s Frame Plot

After the discovery of a new energy resource called “DG Energy” revolutionized Earth’s economy in the 21st century and allowed humanity to colonize space, the first expedition to reach Pluto is attacked by mysterious gigantic life forms called “Nergal.”

Anime Like Link Click (Shiguang Dai...
Anime Like Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren)

Earth’s Alliance Army strikes back by creating an “AG Unit” that uses old combat robots called “G’s Frame” from archaeological sites.

Only so-called »Ancient Girls« with special qualities can control these robots against the Nergal. However, the first unit suffers heavy losses in the Trojan campaign and Reiu Minamiya, the pilot of Unit 04, is reported missing …

Years later, her younger sister Reika Minamiya joins the AG Unit to search for Reiu and protect The Earth. A story of friendship, ancient combat robots and deadly battles with the Nergal begins.

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