New Animation Studio Eight Colors Founded

The Animation Business Journal website recently reported that Hideo Uda, founder of Studio Colorido, has opened a new anime studio, Eight Colors, in Kochi Prefecture in July 2021.

Former Colorido and Graphinica Employees

Eight Colors

The new studio focuses on hand-drawn animation with an emphasis on the use of digital technology. The name Eight Colors refers to the nymph pitta (Jap.: Yairocho) from Kochi Prefecture, which is also known as “the bird of eight colors.” The studio’s works are said to fascinate people just as much as its namesake.

In addition to CEO Hideo Uda, Nobuhiro Ito, the former deputy director of studio Graphinica (“Expelled from Paradise”), is also on the board of the new animation studio. An information session on hiring new animators is to be held in November.

Eight Colors plans to combine creative and rural content creation activities. To this end, the studio aims to enable creatives in Kochi to play an active role locally. It also plans to expand production sites in the prefecture in the future.

So far, Eight Colors has worked on the end and intermediate animation of the series “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z the Animation,” which began airing in Japan on April 9, 2021.

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