Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Cast Mihawk, Zeff, Nojiko and More

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On Monday, Netflix revealed the first behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming One Piece live-action series. The video includes concept drawings of different ships from One Piece. Among them were the Going Merry, the Baratie, and Miss Love Duck.

There is also a funny performance by Inaki Godoy, the actor of Luffy, and the two showrunners Matt Owens & Steven Maeda. The first season of the series will consist of ten episodes and will be personally assisted by Eiichiro Oda.

Adelstein stated in a video message shown at Jump Festa 2017 that the manga’s live-action Hollywood television series adaptation will begin with the East Blue Ark. He also explained that the series promises to create “a real One Piece” after personally discussing the project with Oda.

The locations featured in the performance are in South Africa. The most important of these is an almost scale replica of Baratie, a huge floating restaurant. This restaurant ship plays a major role in the live-action series. Because it is one of the main locations of the early adventures of Luffy and his crew.

Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Cast

One Piece Live-Action

But Netflix has also introduced new actors. In a separate tweet, Netflix announced the actors for the following characters: Mihawk, Chef Zeff, Morgan, Nojiko, Kuro, and Kaya. The Chef Zeff actor even has fanart by BFHDesign showing what he would look like in the character’s costume.

Netflix’s recent announcement appears to have received a very positive response from fans. A fan wrote to Zeff’s actor, Craig Farbrass, “I’m telling everyone how perfect this casting is. You look like the real Zeff. Can’t wait to see it!”

Here is the tweet from Netflix:

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