Netflix reveals the sets of the massive One Piece live-action series

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On Monday, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes video of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, Hollywood live-action series during its Geeked Week live stream. The video previews concept art of various ships from the series, including the Going Merry, the Baratie, and Miss Love Duck.

There is also an introduction by Inaki Godoy (Luffy) and showrunners Steven Maeda and Matt Owens. Netflix has secured the rights to broadcast live-action series based on a popular manga. Oda will serve as executive producer on the project, which will consist of ten episodes in the first season.

Adelstein stated in a video message shown at Jump Festa 2017 that the manga’s live-action Hollywood television series adaptation will begin with the East Blue Ark and “expand from there.” Adelstein also stated that the series promises to create “a real One Piece” after personally discussing the project with Oda.

Oda’s One Piece manga was first published as a serial in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump manga on July 19, 1997. In March 2010, the 57th volume reached an initial printing of 3 million copies, setting a national industry record.

In August 2012, the 67th volume reached the first printing of 4.05 million copies, setting a new national industry record. Today, manga and anime count more than 1000 anime episodes and manga chapters each. This obviously makes the anime One Piece one of the most successful animes in the world. A live-action adaptation in the form of a series should probably please most fans – if at the same time unsettle them.

Here is a concept drawing of Jeff’s ship and a shot of the work in progress:

One Piece Live-Action Concept Drawing
One Piece Live-Action Concept Drawing
One Piece Live-Action - Set
One Piece Live-Action – Set Real

Here you can see the YouTube video:

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