Netflix adds Darwin’s Game to its program

Through an entry in the app of the streaming provider Netflix, it became known that the anime series Darwin’s Game will soon be added to its portfolio.

Darwin’s Game Anime on Netflix from October

All eleven episodes of the action series “Darwin’s Game” can therefore be watched on-demand from 15 October 2021 with English settings and in Japanese original sound with English subtitles on Netflix. The anime aired on Japanese television in the winter of 2020.

The series was produced by the Nexus studio, which was directed by Yoshinobu Tokumoto. Manga writer Shu Miyama wrote the screenplay, while Kazuya Nakanishi acted as character designer.

The original manga series comes from the pen of the doujin circle FLIPFLOPs, which launched it in January 2013 in akita Shoten’s Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine.

Darwin’s Game Visual

Darwin's Game Visual

Storyline of Darwin’s Game

When Kaname launches an app called “Darwin’s Game” on his smartphone, something incredible happens: A snake jumps out of his phone screen and bites his throat! It seems that Kaname is now part of a game that is as old as it is perfidious. And even before he understands the rules, he is attacked by a man in a panda costume.

Squid Game cast Shoutout
Squid Game cast Shoutout

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