Mahou no Note receives an anime adaptation

Kyoto-based Wakasa Seikatsu recently announced that the book Otona mo Shiranai Yume no Mitsuke Kata: Joshi Kousei to Mahou no Note will receive an anime adaptation.

Mahou no Note Anime to be released in 2022

The anime adaptation will be performed under the title “Joshi Kousei to Mahou no Note” (such as “The High School Student and the Magic Notebook”) in Kyoto in spring 2022 and will also be streamed on YouTube. Studio Noovo is responsible for the production of the CG anime.

Mahou no Note is an economic novel published in July 2020 by Kenichi Kakutani, president of the company Wakasa Seikatsu, which deals with dietary supplements and cosmetics. A second part followed in July 2021.

The first chapter of the five-part manga adaptation was released a few days ago and is available for free on the Wakasa Seikatsu website. Creators of the Tokiwa-so housing project in Kyoto, which supports emerging artists, are involved in the creation.

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Cover of the Book

Mahou no Note Book Cover

Mahou no Note Storyline

Yuzuki Shidou is a second-year high school student who can’t find anything she wants to do later. In front of her, who has so many worries, a fairy named Buruburu-kun appears. Yuzuki receives various lessons from her, and as she makes the people around her happy, she finds clues that will bring her closer to her dream.

The novel tells a success story to show readers a way to find their own dreams and take the first step in that direction.

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