Link Click Continues With Season 2

After the end of the broadcast of the eleventh episode of Link Click (original: “Shiguang Dailiren”), it was announced that a second season of the Mystery Donghua is currently in the works. When this will appear, however, is still unclear at the current time.

Link Click Season 2

The first season of Link Click was directed by Li Hao Ling (Heaven Official’s Blessing), who also wrote the screenplay, produced by Haoliners Animation League. Qian Er Bai contributed to the character design, while Shirakawa Atsushi composed the music.

The series is an original Donghua released between April and July 2021 on the Chinese streaming platform bilibili. The first season comprises a total of eleven episodes, each with a running time of 25 minutes.

Link Click Season 2 Visual

Link Click Season 2 Visual

Link Click Plot

Somewhere in a metropolis there is a small shop called “Photo Shop Shi Guang”. Although the store does not have many customers – but the two owners Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang have a very special ability: They can put themselves in the photos’ shoes and fulfill extraordinary customer wishes with this superpower. But often it doesn’t go as planned.

Anime Like Link Click (Shiguang Dai...
Anime Like Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren)

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