Japanese School Establishes Manga Studies Department

The Kumamoto Prefecture Department of Education recently announced that it will establish the first department of manga studies at a high school in Japan.

Manga Studies Department: New department from 2023

In order to boost the number of applicants at Takamori High School, which have been below the places offered in recent years, the new department is expected to be included in the offer from spring 2023. Students should have the opportunity to learn from experts, such as professional mangaka.

According to the Kumamoto Prefecture Education Authority, while some high schools and universities already have courses in which students can study manga at the expert level, setting up an entire department at a school is a first in Japan.

As part of a partnership agreement with Tokyo-based manga publisher Coamix, manga artists and editors will offer various courses on topics such as drawing technique, manga knowledge and other facets of the industry.

The publishing house Coamix has its second headquarters in Takamori with one of its production sites. The company is considering offering lectures by Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the North Star) or Tsukasa Houjou (City Hunter) in the new department.

At the signing of the agreement on September 8, 2021, Coamix Board Member Shuichi Mochida stated that he wants to create a framework in which students can make their professional debut while still in school.

Yoichi Koga, head of the prefecture’s education committee, added, “We will continue with preparations to make the new department a model for increasing the attractiveness of secondary schools in the prefecture.”

Expecting that the new offer will attract many new students from all over the country, the Takamori City Council is already planning to set up a dormitory.

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