Inzai Aru Aru Receives an Anime Adaptation

Through an official promo website for the city of Inzai in Chiba Prefecture, it was announced that the manga Inzai Aru Aru will receive an anime adaptation.

Inzai Aru Aru Anime

Inzai Aru Aru

So far, it is only known that the anime will be published on YouTube next winter and the company Pony Canyon (Violet Evergarden) will take over the production, while the actor Tetsuhiro Ikeda will write the script. Further details about the contributors or the running length of the anime are still pending at this time.

The 4-coma manga “Inzai Aru Aru” by author Yuuhi Nakamura is a promotional manga that serves as a promotion for the city of Inzai. The series started in 2019 and so far comprises eleven chapters, of which there is no official translation into English.

The story revolves around ten-year-old Shirushi Nishizumi, who lives in Inzai and meets an alien who lands in the city after an accident. The alien needs so-called “Aru Aru energy” to make the spacecraft airworthy again.

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