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In the Land of Leadale Anime Release Date + Trailer

On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “In the Land of Leadale” (jap.: “Leadale no Daichi nite”), it was announced that the isekai series will air on Japanese TV starting January 5, 2022. You can see a new trailer below.

In the Land of Leadale Anime Release Date

“In the Land of Leadale” is being directed by Yuuji Yanase (“Himegoto”) at Studio Maho Film (By the Grace of the Gods). Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (“B-gata H-kei”) is writing the script, while Kaho Deguchi, Eri Kojima and Toshihide Masudate are responsible for the character design. The opening song featured in the video is titled “Happy Encount” and is written by singer TRUE.

In this country, Crunchyroll has secured the license to the series and will simulcast it with English subtitles shortly after its Japanese TV launch in the 2022 winter season.

The anime is based on the light novel of the same name by Ceez, which has been published in Japan since January 2019 and counts seven volumes so far. A manga adaptation by Dashio Tsukimi, which has made it to three volumes so far, has been published in “Web DenPlay Comic” magazine since July 2019.

In the Land of Leadale Anime Teaser

In the Land of Leadale Anime Visual

In the Land of Leadale Anime Visual

In the Land of Leadale Anime Storyline

Cayna can only remember that her life was slowly coming to an end. Her body was in a very bad state after a fateful accident, and the only freedom she had left in her life came from the VR world of Leadale. So how did she end up in a place that looks exactly like her game, except that apparently 200 years have passed?

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