Immoral Guild Anime Release Date is Fixed + Trailer

On the official Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “Immoral Guild” (jap.: “Futoku no Guild”) it was announced that the series will be aired on Japanese TV from October 5, 2022. A new trailer can be found further down in this article.

Immoral Guild Anime Series to be created at TNK studio

Immoral Guild Anime is being produced at Studio TNK (“High School DXD“) under the direction of director Takuya Asaoka (“Redo of Healer”). Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (“Record of Ragnarok“) will handle series composition, while Hiraku Kaneko (“Kandagawa Jet Girls”) will contribute character design.

If or with which provider the ecchi anime will be shown in simulcast is not yet known at the moment. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

The series is based on the manga of the same name by Taichi Kawazoe, which has been published in “Shounen Gangan” magazine since June 2017. The publisher Square Enix has so far published nine volumes in Japanese stores.

Immoral Guild Anime Visual

Immoral Guild Anime Visual

Immoral Guild Anime Trailer

Immoral Guild Anime Storyline

Kikuru Madan is an experienced monster hunter with excellent achievements. However, when one of his comrades got married, he decides – fearing to waste his youth – to quit his job. At the request of the guild, he accepts one last assignment, namely to protect the martial artist Hitamu Kyan, thus simultaneously training her as his successor.

However, his plans to retire are continuously thwarted by the uselessness of his new companion, as she is attacked by one monster after another.

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