Hunter x Hunter Comeback: Gon and Killua will not appear in the anime

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Almost three years after a hiatus, the return of the Hunter x Hunter manga is confirmed, as the author continues to work on new chapters and shares his progress through his Twitter profile. The manga series will make its comeback in Shonen Jump magazine, and it probably won’t be long before the Hunter x Hunter anime makes a return as well.

In the last few episodes of the anime, we saw Gon and Killua split up to continue their journey separately. Gon went to live with his father while Killua decided to spend his time with his little sister Alluka. Now fans are wondering if they will see Gon and Killua again when the anime returns.

Hunter x Hunter Comeback: End of the anime

In the fight against Neferpitou, Gon’s body was so badly damaged that there was no healing in sight. However, thanks to Killua’s sister Alluka, Gon was able to return to his normal form but lost his Nen abilities and also the ability to see his own aura. Gon then decided to live a normal life with his aunt and started going to school.

After saying goodbye to Gon Freecs, Killua devoted himself to protecting his younger sister Alluka. Alluka was treated very harshly by her family, who regarded her as property. Even now, the family is still after Alluka, and Killua is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her.

The current story of the manga mainly focuses on Kurapika. It can also be said that he is currently the protagonist of the story. Kurapika and Leorio are currently on a ship to guard the baby prince in a contest of succession. Kurapkia was persuaded to take part in the mission in exchange for information on who has the scarlet eyes he is constantly looking for. The ship is on its way to the dark continent.

The next Hunter x Hunter anime season will adapt this story arc, so Killua & Gon will hardly get any screen time. It’s doubtful we’ll see Gon and Killua again anytime soon, but as the two main protagonists of the story, it’s likely that they’ll make a comeback at some point. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll see her in Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter.

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