“Heavenly Delusion” Gets An Anime Series With Visuals

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Through the opening of an official website, it was announced today that the manga series “Heavenly Delusion” (jap.: “Tengoku Daimakyou”) will get an anime adaptation, which will air on Japanese TV during 2023. A visual can be found further down in this article.

Animated by Production I.G

So far, all that is known is that the adaptation will be a series that is being created at Production I.G. An exact start date, as well as information about the contributors to the production, are still missing at the moment. We will keep you up to date.

The story is set in a world where children are raised by robots behind the protection of a wall in a kind of nursery. The outside world is a hellish landscape devoid of anything mechanical and populated by bizarre supernatural beings.

The original manga is by Masakazu Ishiguro and has been published in Seinen magazine “Afternoon” since January 2018. The publisher Kodansha published seven volumes in Japan so far.

Heavenly Delusion Anime Visual

Heavenly Delusion Anime Visual


A paradise is a peaceful place where Tokio grows up with his friends and numerous other children. None of them have ever seen the outside world that lies behind the walls of their home … until one-day Tokio receives a mysterious message …

Hell is outside. In a post-apocalyptic Japan where man-eating monsters roam, Maru and Kiruko are on a journey. They are looking for paradise, but to get there they must first survive.

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