Gleipnir Manga Nears Climax

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In a preview of the ninth volume of the “Gleipnir” manga, it was announced that it is now nearing its climax. However, it is still unclear whether the series will end soon.

Manga to be published by Kodansha

The action-mystery manga “Gleipnir” was penned by Sun Takeda and has been published by “Young Magazine the 3rd” since October 2015. Kodansha published eight volumes in Japan so far.

A 13-part anime adaptation, which aired in spring 2020, was directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda at Studio PINE JAM. Shinichi Inotsume was responsible for series composition, while Takahiro Kishida contributed for character design.

As Gleipnir manga nears climax the fans are waiting for the announcement of Gleipnir Season 2.

The streaming service Crunchyroll already offers all episodes in the original Japanese sound with English subtitles on demand.

Gleipnir Manga First Volume

Gleipnir Manga First Volume

Gleipnir Storyline

Shuichi is afraid – of himself, because he can turn into a beast. Something between big bad wolf and creepy cuddly toy. He’s able to keep his ability a secret until he rescues his classmate Claire from a burning house. Instead of thanking him, Claire enlists the big bad wolf in her revenge plans!

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