Girl’s Frontline Anime Postponed To 2022 + Trailer

On the official website of the anime adaptation of the mobile game Girl’s Frontline it was announced that the broadcast of the series has been postponed to 2022. Originally, the launch was planned for this year. A reason for the delay was not given.

Girl’s Frontline Anime Created at Asahi Production

Girl’s Frontline is being created under the direction of director Shigeru Ueda (“Peach Boy Riverside”) at Studio Asahi Production. Hideyuki Kurata (“Made in Abyss”) is responsible for the series composition, while Masaki Yamada (“Deadman Wonderland”) contributes the design of the characters. The music is composed by Takashi Watanabe. Warner Bros. Japan is involved as a producer.

The film stars Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna in “Sword Art Online”) as M4A1, Nozomi Yamane (Javelin in “Azur Lane”) as M16A1, Emiri Katou (Kagami Hiiragi in “Lucky Star”) as ST AR-15 and Yukari Tamura (Suzuha Amane in “Steins; Gate”) as M4 SOPMOD II. The opening “BAD CANDY”, which is presented in the new trailer, comes from the singer yukaDD.

Girl’s Frontline is a smartphone game by the Chinese developer MICA Team, which was released in China in May 2016 and in other Asian countries in 2017. An English version has been available since May 2018. In Japan, the game was released in August 2018.

Girl’s Frontline Teaser

Visual of Girl’s Frontline

Girl's Frontline Visual

Girl’s Frontline Storyline

“Girls’ Frontline” is set in an alternate timeline on Earth in the 2060s. The consequences of a military accident that led to widespread disease, as well as the recent end of a nuclear war, have massively depopulated the planet, rendered much of the surface uninhabitable, and once great nations have become shadows of their former selves.

Androids used as workers and in combat have become an important facet of life. Easily replicable androids known as Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls) are used by private military companies on the front lines of numerous bush wars.

In the game, the player slips into the role of a fresh commander of a PMC who commands T-Dolls in the fight against a new AI threat.

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