Ghost in the Shell: Producer names production costs

Mamoru Oshii’s science fiction anime Ghost in the Shell (Jap.: “Koukaku Kidoutai”) from 1995 influenced not only numerous other anime series and movies, but also various films from Hollywood. Now the producer talked about the actual cost of production.

Ghost in the Shell: About 330 million yen

During a discussion between Japanese university professor Renato Rivera Rusca and translator ehoba about the film’s budget, producer Shigeru Watanabe stepped in to confirm the cost of around 330 million yen (about 2.56 million euros).

The Japanese VHS cover, in contrast, stated a sum of about 600 million yen (about 4.67 million euros). This amount may have included other expenses, such as advertising costs, to give the appearance of higher production costs.

In addition, Watanabe confirmed that the cost of producing “Patlabor 2 the Movie” without advertising amounts to about 220 million yen (about 1.7 million euros).

Mamoru Oshii had stated in a 2020 interview that “Ghost in the Shell” was cheaper to produce than “Patlabor 2 the Movie”, which Watanabe thus refuted and stated that he could use recordings from the time if necessary.

Ghost in the Shell Visual

Ghost in the Shell Visual

Ghost in the Shell Storyline

In 2029, the world is connected by a large electronic network that permeates every aspect of life. The same network becomes the battlefield for Tokyo’s Section Nine Security Force, which has been tasked with arresting the master hacker, Puppet Master.

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