Game World Reincarnation Anime Release Date + Visual

In June 2021, the isekai manga “Game World Reincarnation ~Sex on the First Night~” (jap.: “Tensei Shoya Kara Musabori Etchi ~Ouji no Honmei wa Akuyakureijou~”) got an anime adaptation. Now, details on the adaptation as well as the start date have been announced.

Game World Reincarnation Anime Release Date

Accordingly, the anime series will be directed by Kishizuki at Studio Houkiboshi (“Fire in His Fingertips”). Eeyo Kurosaki (“Overflow”) is writing the script, while Shinichi Yoshikawa (“The Titan’s Bride”) is responsible for character design and serves as chief animator. Hiroki Nishiyama (“Cells at Work! Code Black”) is responsible for sound design at Studio Mausu.

The censored TV version of the anime will air from January 9, 2022 under the title “The Prince’s Favorite is the Villainess” (jap.: “Ouji no Honmei wa Akuyakureijou”). As early as December 2021, the streaming service AnimeFesta will show the more explicit premium version as a preview.

It stars Tomohito Takatsuka (Roderich in “The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?”) as Sirius Hiver and Akira Sekine (Princess in “Princess Principal”) as Diana Diafell. Furthermore, Kris is voiced by Ayano Shibuya, while Spica Diafell is voiced by Shugo Nakamura.

The original manga series by Re:mimu has been published in “TL Screamo” magazine since last year. An English-language translation is published on the manga service Coolmic.

Game World Reincarnation Visual

Game World Reincarnation Visual

Game World Reincarnation Plot

The story follows an office worker who is reborn as the villain Diana in her favorite otome game, “Hoshifuru Koi no Astrolabe.” Prince Sirius grows closer to Diana, even though he is supposed to love the game’s heroine.

In order to prevent the evil ending that would lead to the destruction of the world, she strives not to seduce Prince Sirius. But the prince still loses his heart to Diana.

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