Free Season 4: Everything You Should Know

Since the pieces from Free! Season 3’s final words is “see you in 2020”, fans of this sport anime have been eagerly anticipating for Free Season 4. We had no idea what 2020 would be like, and with production delays causing the calendar to unravel, all of the fans have been left in the dark.

A look back at the previous season shows Haruka deciding to become even more determined and enter international competitions. The Tokyo Olympics was just around the corner at that time. Hence, viewing the show would seem likely to turn in that direction.The anime may alter its course now that all international games have been canceled. However, it is almost certain that Haruka and his team of swimmers will compete in the next round.

Free Season 4: When will it release?

Free Season 4
Free Season 4

Inspired by the light novel “High Speed!” by Kōji Ōji, “Free!”  A story about the talented team of swimmers from Iwatobi Swim Club under the leadership of Haruka Nanase, whose charismatic leadership they’ve mastered since childhood.

When the series debuted in 2013, it made an impression in the sports anime subgenre and beyond. Season 2 followed the following year, and Season 3 finally appeared in 2018 – but “Free!” fans weren’t left completely high and dry.

Co-creator Kyoto Animation (Nichijou, Myriad Colors Phantom World) and Animation Do released a film series in 2015 which recapped familiar storylines from the first two seasons and introduced some prequel content for Season 3. Additionally, “Free! Road to the World – the Dream” recapped the third season but left a lot of questions about the future.

Free! Season 4 Release Date

Free! Season 4

“Free!” fans have been anticipating a fourth season ever since The Cinemaholic reported that there would be more in 2020 following the end of its third season.

In an article published by Keeperfacts, the anime’s creators announced plans to release new material during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics – a pleasant event for its swimming characters.

Unfortunately, as with nearly everything else last year, the Olympics were postponed to July 2021 – and Free Season 4 release date was also put on hold.

Although Free: The Final Stroke has been confirmed as a movie, there is no confirmation of Free Season 4 yet. If this movie follows the other movies in the “Free!” franchise, it will act as a prequel to the coming season.

Is it possible, though, that its title could indicate that it will take a new turn from its predecessors and deliver the final chapter of their journey?

September 2018 marked the end of the third season of this show. The closing phrase of the third season of this show seems to give hope for the next season. Fans await and predictions of the plans Free season 4 will air in 2020, but things don’t go according to plan.

This series is an event with a very popular rate in Japan. This animation is the adaptation of a light novel that was first published in July 2013. The studio that produces the animation Free! these are Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. Until now, fans have eagerly awaited the release of Free Season 4.

Free! Season 4 Characters and Cast

Nanase HarukaShimazaki Nobunaga
Matsuoka RinMiyano Mamoru (Hunter x Hunter)
Hazuki NagisaYonaga Tsubasa
Yamazaki SosukeHosoya Yoshimasa
Tachibana MakotoSuzuki Tatsuhisa
Ryugazaki ReiHirakawa Daisuke
Kirishima IkuyaUchiyama Koki
Asahi ShiinaToyonaga Toshiyuki

Where to watch “Free!”

Plot of Free!

Free Season 4

The four of them were members of the same swimming club when they were in elementary school, but when Rin Matsuoka moved to Australia, they parted ways. They reunite years later when Rin returns to Japan to attend Samezuka Academy, which is known for its swimming strength.The story centered on how Haruka, Makoto, and Nagisa persuaded track star Rei Ryugazaki to become a swimmer and join them. It was their quest to reconcile with Ryugazaki while also developing a renewed swim club. At a crucial tournament, Rin fails to be selected for Samezuka’s relay team, and the Iwatobi teammates make a decision that has far-reaching consequences

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